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brilliant light makes a brilliant jobLighting System

D-Tec Clair

Our aim in designing Clair was to provide clinical environments with a large LED fitting that delivers maximum illumination and colour rendering. The result was so much more. Clair is a hygienic and energy-efficient fitting that emits minimal radiating heat and affords an optimal level of working light. In addition, its appearance blends into your working environment, in spite of its size. With the dynamic daylight option, you can adjust the level of illumination to simulate real daylight. Being able to change colour temperature according to changes in daylight not only affords a good working light, but also creates a more comfortable feeling and working environment. A major advance in LED technology is here. Clair has arrived.

D-Tec Brite New !

The ligth flows down from a softly designed fixture. Creating a space for creativity and precision. Everyday.

D-Tec Halo

Together with industrial designers and LED specialists, we have created an ambient light using only the latest in LED technology. A light unit optimised for those places that demand high performance. Halo is energy efficient, easy to clean and practically main- tenance-free. But most important of all are the lighting ergonomics. Halo has a unique colour reproduction and a shadow- and glare-free lighting profile. The next generation LED lighting system is here. The right lighting creates energy for you By virtue of the new LED technology, Halo consumes up to 70% less energy than regular fluorescent units and has a life-span of up to 40,000 hours. But it's not only better for the environment and your economy. The right lighting reduces eyestrain and increases your capacity for concentration, which makes you feel and perform better. All day long.


Heating lamp, ideal for physiotherapy, massages, osteopathy, acupuncture...250 watts


Very polyvalent, powerful and comfortable, this examination lamp is equipped with LED of the latest generations, without any heat output. Examination light


Examination light for localized and specific examination such as gynecology and dermatology (optic angle : 25°)White light: 4,2 Watts

Wood Lamp

Designed for skin examinations, also used by scientific police and paintings restorers. Portable lamp fitted with a ballast socket to detect skin funguns, erythrasma dagnosis and bacterial skin infections, pigmentation problems (vitiligo). The photoluminescence blacklight can help reveal the materials hidden properties. 9 Watts

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